It's not another Manic Monday

I love what I do.

Even when I hate it, I still love it.

My heart and soul are stitched into every seam. I’m locked and loaded with a “YAS QUEEN!” when you try on one of my pieces, and even in a dangerously sleep deprived state, I have a playfully crude response to all the frequently asked questions at street fairs.

Except one: 

 “What’s with the name? Why did you call it ‘Manic Designs’?”

The fiery little 18 or 19 year old me would yell “Because it’s fucking METAL!!” to overcompensate for the fact that I didn’t actually have an answer.

But, when you ask me now?

The name “Manic Designs” came to me in the midst of one of my notoriously delusional all-nighters during design school, and at the time, it just worked. It had a nice ring to it, I could call my fans “Maniacs”, and it sparked enough curiosity for people to ask me what the hell I was doing and maybe even buy something. The name stuck, word spread, and my little Manic baby was movin’ on up!

Suddenly I’m 27, and hand sewing my clothing has gone from a hobby to a war strategy in the battle against fast fashion culture and sweatshop labor. I’ve got a slew of compliments and gentle rants on the tip of my tongue ready to encourage women to put DOWN the Vogue magazine and pick UP self-confidence.  I have pushed the envelope and painted even the most conservative, basic-bitch populated, corporate driven town black, and people still don’t really know who or what “Manic Designs” is.

But they know Rachel Riot.

“You know, the metal girl! The loud one, with the laugh and the scarf thingies.”

oh, her...

Manic Designs has introduced me to the beautiful people that inspire my day, and brought out a side of myself that I didn’t know existed. It has been the soap box beneath my feet so I can speak up for the dream I believe in. It has provided the ammo in my fight and struggle to survive as an independent artist and lead me through each crossroad of difficult decisions.

I will forever love Manic Designs, and all of its crazy stories that have paved the way to my success so far, but change is inevitable. Life is beckoning for me to come out from behind the label to stand my ground and fight for what I believe in. 

I am my own driving force of my company. The push of motivation. I am the visionary.

I am Rachel Riot. 

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